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QEEvent Class Reference

#include <qeevent.h>

Inheritance diagram for QEEvent:

QEBlockingEvent QENonblockingEvent QECopyEvent QECutEvent QEFadeInEvent QEFadeOutEvent QEPasteEvent QESaveEvent QEChainopEvent QEPlayEvent

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Virtual base for processing events

Definition at line 10 of file qeevent.h.

Public Member Functions

string engine_info (void) const
const string & input_name (void) const
bool is_triggered (void) const
bool is_valid (void) const
virtual long int length (void) const
const string & output_name (void) const
virtual long int position (void) const
 QEEvent (ECA_CONTROL *ctrl)
bool result (void) const
virtual void start (void)=0
const string & status_info (void) const
void status_info (const string &info_string)

Protected Member Functions

void blocking_start (void)
void init (const string &chainsetup, const string &chain="")
void nonblocking_start (void)
void set_default_audio_format (const string &name)
void set_input (const string &name)
void set_input_position (long int pos)
void set_length (long int pos)
void set_output (const string &name)
void set_output_position (long int pos)
void toggle_result (bool v)
void toggle_triggered_state (bool v)

Protected Attributes

const AUDIO_IO * input_object_repp
const AUDIO_IO * output_object_repp

Private Member Functions

void set_audio_object_params (void)

Private Attributes

string info_string_rep
string initialized_cs_rep
string input_name_rep
long int input_startpos_rep
string output_name_rep
long int output_startpos_rep
bool result_rep
bool triggered_rep

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