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QEFileView Class Reference

#include <qefile.h>

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Detailed Description

Class for viewing/visualising an audio file

Provides both the user interface and functionally for interacting with the drawing routines and reacting to user input.

Definition at line 25 of file qefile.h.

Public Slots

void current_position (long int samples)
void emit_status (void)
void mark_all (void)
void marked_area (long int startpos_samples, int endpos_samples)
void unmark (void)
void update_wave_form_data (void)
void visible_area (long int startpos_samples, long int endpos_samples)
void zoom_out (void)
void zoom_to_marked (void)


void current_position_changed (ECA_AUDIO_TIME curpos)
void marked_area_changed (ECA_AUDIO_TIME start, ECA_AUDIO_TIME end)
void visible_area_changed (ECA_AUDIO_TIME start, ECA_AUDIO_TIME end)

Public Member Functions

const ECA_AUDIO_FORMAT & audio_format (void) const
bool class_invariant (void) const
long int current_position (void) const
bool eventFilter (QObject *, QEvent *e)
const std::string & filename (void) const
bool is_marked (void) const
bool is_valid (void) const
long int length (void) const
long int marked_area_end (void) const
long int marked_area_start (void) const
void new_file (const std::string &name, const ECA_AUDIO_FORMAT &afrm)
 QEFileView (const std::string &filename, const ECA_AUDIO_FORMAT &afrm, QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
long int samples_per_second (void) const
void toggle_cache_refresh (bool v)
void toggle_wave_cache (bool v)
long int visible_area_end (void) const
long int visible_area_start (void) const

Static Public Attributes

static const int max_buffer_size = 512

Private Member Functions

long int blocks_to_samples (long int blocks)
void calculate_buffersize (void)
bool check_ews_data (void)
long int coord_to_samples (int coord)
void init_layout (void)
void load_ews_data (void)
void mark_area_relative (int from, int to)
void open_io_object (void)
long int samples_to_blocks (long int samples)
void save_ews_data (bool forced)
void update_layout (void)

Private Attributes

ECA_AUDIO_FORMAT aformat_rep
int buffersize_rep
long int channels_rep
std::vector< QLabel * > clabels
std::string filename_rep
QGroupBox * gbox_repp
AUDIO_IO * io_object
int last_mouse_xpos
int last_mousemove_xpos
long int length_rep
bool marking_rep
bool refresh_toggle_rep
long int sample_rate_rep
QVBoxLayout * top_layout_repp
std::vector< std::vector
< QEWaveBlock > > 
int waveform_count
std::vector< QEWaveForm * > waveforms
bool wcache_toggle_rep

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