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QEWaveForm Class Reference

#include <qewaveform.h>

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Detailed Description

Waveform widget

This class is used for visualizing one channel of audio data. All operations are performed on a vector of wave data blocks. Objects of this class don't know any details about the blocks (how much audio they represent, audio parameteres, etc).

Definition at line 29 of file qewaveform.h.

Public Slots

void current_position (long int blocks)
void current_position_relative (int xcoord)
void mark_area_relative (int from, int to)
void marked_area_begin (long int v)
void marked_area_end (long int v)
void repaint_current_position (void)
void set_background_color (const QColor &value)
void set_marked_background_color (const QColor &value)
void set_marked_color (const QColor &value)
void set_marked_position_color (const QColor &value)
void set_minmax_color (const QColor &value)
void set_position_color (const QColor &value)
void set_wave_color (const QColor &value)
void set_zeroline_color (const QColor &value)
void toggle_marking (bool v)
void update_wave_blocks (const std::vector< QEWaveBlock > *block)
void visible_area (long int start, long int end)
void zoom_to_marked (void)

Public Member Functions

long int current_position (void) const
bool is_marked (void) const
long int marked_area_begin (void) const
long int marked_area_end (void) const
QSize minimumSizeHint (void) const
void paintEvent (QPaintEvent *e)
 QEWaveForm (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)
QSize sizeHint (void) const
QSizePolicy sizePolicy (void) const
long int visible_area_begin (void) const
long int visible_area_end (void) const

Private Member Functions

QColor calculate_wave_color_value (int value)
int waveblock_maximum (double from, double step)
int waveblock_minimum (double from, double step)

Private Attributes

QColor background_color
long int current_position_rep
std::vector< QEWaveBlockempty_blocks
long int marked_area_begin_rep
long int marked_area_end_rep
QColor marked_background_color
QColor marked_color
QColor marked_position_color
bool marked_rep
QColor minmax_color
QColor position_color
bool prev_inside_marked
int prev_xpos
int prev_xpos_maximum
int prev_xpos_minimum
double step
long int visible_area_begin_rep
long int visible_area_end_rep
QColor wave_color
const std::vector< QEWaveBlock > * waveblock
int xpos
QColor zeroline_color

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